About us

Who We Are

From our humble beginning as African Horizon Tours (1995) – specialized safari tour operator and then African Horizon Planning (1999) town and regional planning company, we always focused on the Horizon. As you cannot evolve and grow if you don’t keep moving forward. In life, love and business this approach helps us and our clients to be goal driven and future focussed. At African/Aqua Horizon Technologies we are passionate about solving water treatment challenges by means of innovative technologies. We know the solution in water treatment is a process, and we help our clients focus their attention on the Horizon(solution). We do not see problems; we only see multiple solutions. We understand different technologies and their applications. If you do not like what you see on the horizon; change direction; until you happy with your focus(horizon). We know the horizon is our future and we work every day to ensure it will be pure, good, clean and most of all sustainable for future generations. Aqua Horizon Technologies your guide to a sustainable water treatment horizon.

Our company values 

Honesty, Integrity, Dignity, Loyalty and Trust, ensure that our clients become lifelong friends and transcends the boundaries of culture, language, and place. We care about water.


With that in mind I think we will embark on making changes in our business to better serve our clients and our goals. It is a process of re-inventing ourselves, and our marketing efforts, making sure we can adapt to the changes forced upon us by our changing world. We will systematically be changing our branding and name to Aqua Horizon Technologies.

“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood” should be credited to Daniel Burnham, architect 1893 – The father of City Beautiful – The primary goals of the City Beautiful movement were to enhance urban areas and make them more sanitary. Its leaders proposed that public buildings reflect classical architecture, that streets be lined with trees, and that towns provide landscaped public parks with fountains and statuary. Today 130 years later we are again facing dire environmental conditions in our water.

Our Goal

The goal is to provide high quality cost effective water and waste treatment systems to all industries globally and to ensure that their effluent discharge limits are met and complied with. Oil pollution is the most common form of pollution in water and it takes one litre of oil to pollute a million litres of water.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients will be to execute low life cycle cost solutions by using cutting edge technologies and integrating them to the point where desktop monitoring and management of these systems are possible.

Our Clients