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Our expertise range from; Pollution prevention in Water and waste water infrastructure design and supply of technology. Environmental engineering with access control technology and monitoring systems.

Our access to a wide range of water treatment technologies provides us with a competitive advantage.

African Horizon Technology presents a complete line of filtration systems to help solve the toughest filtration issues today. Our problem-solution approach, locally produced products, and technical and engineering expertise are our strengths. Solutions are tailored to the complete satisfaction – from production to compliance.

Aqua Horizon Technology implements a systems approach to your needs, to provide

We offer complete water filtration and waste water treatment solutions for all industries. Aqua Horizon Technologies is your source for innovative water treatment systems technology.

Aqua Horizon Technologies is a supplier of advanced, technology-based products that offer solutions to the mining-, oil & gas-, manufacturing-, food-industry. A South African-based consulting company, with a global reach, that supplies filtration, separation, and purification technologies. This technology is vital to various industries and to environmental management. We produce our products locally which allows for better turnaround time, service and tailor-made solutions.

With decades of experience in environmental engineering and filtration engineered solutions, Aqua Horizon Technologies provides the best solutions to meet your projects individual needs. Our experience in the mining industry, coupled with the flexibility of our systems, has provided us with the capability to offer the most effective solutions for oily water and waste water applications.

We understand the complexity of the mining, oil & gas industry, the importance of operational reliability and the daily demands faced by everyone in this industry. It is important that we understand your business, processes and day to day requirements, this enables us to develop a high level of confidence with our customers on our products and service delivery.

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Industries We Serve

Any industry that uses hydrocarbons (or animal or vegetable fats/oils) in its processes will have a need for oil water separation solutions provided by AHT.